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NWMO2009 so far

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Siesta Bowl

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Wack Wednesday

There are certain events in every individuals life where they never forget what they were doing and where they were.  For the generation before ours the assassination of JFK is often the cited example.  For those of us at MAWP, it was October 29th, the fateful day affectionately known as 'Wack Wednesday.'  Wack Wednesday represents the 56 days and counting since wherespmac.com has updated its blog(and no, posting a picture without commentary does not count as an update).  While others in the blogosphere might toss around Dame Dash quotes like they are merely a collection of indiscriminate words, Mothers Against Where's Pmac does not subscribe to this particular line of thinking.  So a pledge to any and all faithful MAWP followers, we'll never make it wack and we'll never rip your hearts out like ours so tragically were. 


Welcome To New York's Sixth Borough (602)

Today Phoenix officially became the sixth borough of NYC, bringing with it the 602 area code.



This inaugural post is simply dedicated to begin awareness for a new foundation which is entitled Mother's Against Where's P Mac. It's main purpose is to make the public aware of the past and most unpleasant current and future states of the website formally known as Wherespmac.com.

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